Do you want to improve your website ranking on search engines? Guest posting is one of the oldest and most effective ways of doing so.

In this blog post, we will discuss what guest posting is, how it helps with SEO, and some tips on how to do it effectively. Guest posting can be a great way for businesses to get their name out there and increase their visibility online. We hope that after reading this blog post, you will have a better understanding of what guest posting is and how to use it to your advantage!

Let’s get started.

What is Guest posting?

Guest posting is the process of publishing an article on another website. In return, you can usually include a link back to your own site, which can help with SEO. Guest posting has become increasingly popular in recent years as a way to build links and exposure for a website.

What is Guest posting
What is Guest posting

Resource: 60% of companies write one to five guest posts per month. (Optinmonster)

How Does Guest Posting Help Ranking Keywords?

Guest posting can help you rank for keywords that are not relevant to your niche or industry.

In addition to helping you rank for irrelevant keywords, guest posts also give you a chance to rank for keywords that are relevant to your niche or industry.

How Does Guest Posting Help Ranking Keywords
How Does Guest Posting Help Ranking Keywords

For example:

If you write a guest post about “SEO tips for small businesses,” you could rank for the keyword “SEO tips.”

Guest posting is also a great way to get links from high-quality websites. When you get a link from an authority site, it helps to increase your domain and page authority.

This, in turn, can help you rank for more relevant keywords.

Finally, guest posting is a great way to build relationships with other bloggers and website owners.

When you form relationships with other bloggers, they may be more likely to share your content, which can lead to more exposure for your site.

There is a guest post submission button right on the homepage of Single Grain’s blog. You can reach out to him to get a fee guest post.

homepage of Single Grain's blog
homepage of Single Grain’s blog

So, guest posting can help you achieve a number of different objectives, including boosting your SEO, gaining links and exposure, and even ranking for keywords that are not relevant to your niche or industry. In order to get the most out of your guest posting campaigns, follow these tips:

How to Get The Most Out Of Your Guest Posting Campaigns

1. Use High-Quality Content

Guest posts should be well-researched and informative, with a clear purpose. Don’t just write articles for the sake of writing them; make sure they have something useful to offer your readers.

2. Write About Topics That Are Relevant To Your Niche Or Industry

It’s important to write about topics that are relevant to your niche or industry. This will help you attract readers who are interested in the topic of your post, and it will also help you rank for relevant keywords.

3. Find High-Quality Websites To Guest Post On

Not all websites are created equal; some sites have higher domain authority than others, and some have higher page authority. It’s important to find high-quality websites to guest post on so that your links will carry more weight with search engines like Google (and other search engines as well).

Sites that accept do-follow links are where you’ll get the most benefit from your guest posting efforts. You can find sites to guest post on with the following resources:

  • HARO  (Help A Reporter Out)  – subscribe to receive daily emails of media opportunities
  • LinkedIn Pulse – search through their publisher directory for high authority publishers in your niche
  • Quora – search for questions in your niche and find the best answer to post on
  • Reddit – subscribe to their subreddits on topics you’ll be writing about

4. Craft a Unique and Compelling Bio

Your bio is where you have a chance to highlight your personal brand. Make sure it’s attention-grabbing, well written, and contains your most important keywords.

How to write a compelling bio as an author?

An author bio is a brief introduction on how you look like, what are your qualifications, or some interesting facts about you. It is always featured at the end of the article to quickly engage your readers with you.

The bio should have a clear structure, so it can be easily read and understood by your readers. There are some key points you have to follow precisely, they include:

First Sentence – The very first sentence of your bio should be your most eye-catching one. It can be either an interesting fact about yourself or a clever statement.

You have to add some relevant links in the bio so your readers can easily find out more about you.  You can also add Facebook, Twitter, or even email addresses in your bio.

5. Perfect Your Pitch

Your pitch is what gives you an edge with publishers so spend some time on it. Publishers are more likely to respond to pitches that are short, concise, and have a compelling hook about them. Try hiring someone on Upwork or Fiverr to write your pitches if you’re not confident in your writing abilities.

6. Optimize For the Publisher’s Acceptance Process

Some publishers require you to write the post before you submit it for approval. Send them a carefully written pitch with compelling information about why they should publish your article and why their readers will find value in what you have to offer. Other publishers prefer to review your article before approving it. Insert the correct information into your pitch to make sure they don’t reject your article while reviewing it.

7.  Schedule Your Posts to Be Published At The Best Time Possible

Many publishers will tell you when their audience is the most active so you can better plan your publishing schedule. Scheduling out multiple posts at once can help you take advantage of your target audience’s activity and maximize your return on investment.

8.  Optimize Your Guest Posts for The Search Engines

If you’re going to be writing a high volume of guest posts, try out an SEO plugin like Yoast and optimize each post for one keyword. This will help you draw organic traffic from the search engines.

Are you aware? How much referral traffic do guest posts generate?

Over 15% of guest publications receive more than 100 views. (BloggerJet)

Guest articles are visited by about 35% of readers. (BloggerJet)

The majority of guest posts receive between 50 and 100 visits. (BloggerJet)

How much referral traffic do guest posts generate
How much referral traffic do guest posts generate

7) Use Social Media to Promote Your Guest Posts

Share your guest posts on social media to help build backlinks and direct traffic to your website. Many publishers will link to your guest posts after they’re published so you can generate some referral traffic as well. Posting them on LinkedIn Pulse is a good way to reach out to your niche audience and network with other people in the industry.

8) Track Your Progress

Keep track of your pitches, guest post publications, and social media shares so you can use them to measure your campaign’s ROI.

Google Analytics is a great tool because it gives you conversion statistics about how many readers each guest post brings in.

How to Outreach To Bloggers For Guest Posts?

You can either approach blogs manually or use some tools to find out guest blogging opportunities according to the niche of your blog.

For content research tools, you can look up guest blogs using tools like Wunderlinks; just search your topic keywords + “guest post” or “guest post by”. You will be able to find relevant blogs that accept guest contributions or you

How do I Find Guest Blogging Opportunities?

There are many ways through which you can find blogs looking for writers.

One is obviously, Google search engine. You may use some of these keywords in search engines like

  • Guest Posts Wanted
  • Guest Bloggers Wanted
  • Require Guest Posts

You may also use the Internet to find guest blogging opportunities for your blog. There are thousands of blogs looking for writers and giving away money in exchange for good quality articles.

You can search on Google or Bing using the keywords, “Guest Blogging Sites“.

Also, you can directly visit some big sites like Squidoo, Hubpages, Associated Content, etc.

Moreover, you may use some of the best guest blogging websites to find blogs that are looking for writers.

Please note that not all those sites will allow you to write a Guest post as they only accept articles from their own contributors.

So it would be good if you go directly to that site using the official address before applying.

Now that you are done with the groundwork, you can start pitching your ideas to the blogs looking for writers. Always send an email containing your article subject along with some lines about yourself.

Though most of these sites are purely based on freelance works, still it’s good to add a few lines about your qualification and previous experiences.

You may even attach some example articles if you have any. Their editors will review the article and contact you if they like it.

How to Find High-Quality Websites to Guest Post On

How to Find High-Quality Websites to Guest Post On
How to Find High-Quality Websites to Guest Post On

One of the easiest ways for new bloggers to get noticed is guest posting on other people’s blogs. But how do you find good sites to guest post on? There is an easy way – to use Wunderlinks of course, but there is a harder way as well.

In this section, I’ll show you a list of 50 websites that accept guest posts from new bloggers. I’ll also give you a few tips on how to come up with more guest posting ideas.

50 Websites To Guest Post On

These 50 websites are ranked according to their Alexa rank. So the first website on this list will be those with the lowest Alexa rank and so on.

Here you go:

  1. Hub Pages – Alexa Rank: 12,000
  2. Squidoo – Alexa Rank: 31,000
  3. Digital Point – Alexa Rank: 51,000
  4. Helium – Alexa Rank: 91,000
  5. Article Dashboard – Alexa Rank: 111,000
  6. Ezine Articles – Alexa Rank: 132,000
  7. GoArticles – Alexa Rank: 142,000
  8. Article Snatch – Alexa Rank: 179,000
  9. Industry Tips – Alexa Rank: 196,000
  10. Write to Done – Alexa Rank: 207,000
  11. Articles Base – Alexa Rank: 241,000
  12. Article Dashboard – Alexa Rank: 247,000
  13. Article Alley – Alexa Rank: 249,000
  14. Buzzle – Alexa Rank: 266,000
  15. Article Town – Alexa Rank: 271,000
  16. Articles on Demand – Alexa Rank: 311,000
  17. Article Access – Alexa Rank: 314,000
  18. Articles Market – Alexa Rank: 321,000
  19. Ezine Articles – Alexa Rank: 322,000
  20. Buzzle – Alexa Rank: 337,000
  21. The Best Damn Webcopy – Alexa Rank: 375,500
  22. Express Writers – Alexa Rank: 384,200
  23. Free Content For Websites – Alexa Rank: 405, 000
  24. Article Base  – Alexa Rank: 407, 000
  25. eHow (not eHow UK)  – Alexa Rank: 418,000
  26. iSnare Articles – Alexa Rank: 459, 000
  27.  Article Snatch  – Alexa Rank: 485, 000
  28. The Write Life  – Alexa Rank: 505, 050
  29. Ezine Articles (FB  ) – Al exa Rank : 518, 030
  30. Article Street  – Alexa Rank: 603,000
  31. GoArticles (FB ex) – Alexa Rank 721.560
  32. Blogging Wizard (Spin Rewriter) – Alexa Rank: 824, 000
  33. Articles Ondine  – Alexa Rank: 879, 000
  34. Authorama – Alexa Rank: 929, 000
  35. Virtual Vandals (Spin Rewriter) – Alexa Rank : 1,021,000
  36. Article New – Alexa Rank: 1,067,000
  37. Blogging Wizard (Constant Content) – Alexa Rank : 1,087 , 00
  38. Ezine Art icl es  (FB  ) – A lexa R an k : 1 , 119 , 030
  39. Article Monk  – Alexa Rank: 1, 170, 040
  40. Zemdle  – Alexa Rank: 1,368, 000
  41. Ezine Articl es (FB 2) – Alexa Ran k : 1,536 , 000
  42. Feedage  – Alexa Rank: 1,706 , 000
  43. Article Builder  – Alexa Rank: 3,491,000
  44. Article Dashboard  (FB) – Alexa Rank: 2 775, 000
  45. Buzzle (FB) – Alexa Rank: 4,813,000
  46. Virtual Vandals (Spin Rewriter) – Alexa Rank: 4,327, 000
  47. Article Base  – Al exa Rank: 5 , 199,000
  48. Ezine Articles (FB 3) – Alexa R ank: 6 , 030 , 000
  49. Blogging Wizard (Infinite Spinner ) – Sirink Dominance: 1 18 0,0 00
  50. Zem dle  ( FB2 ) – Alexa Rank : 8,045 , 000

So there you have it! If you want to get published on other websites and build relationships with these sites then guest posting is a great way to go about it.

When choosing a site to guest post on it is best to check out its Alexa rank to see how popular it is since this will help you decide if the site is worth your time.

Another thing to note?

These sites are constantly changing so there’s no guarantee your blog posts will get published all the time.

Sites with a lower Alexa rank tend to have less traffic and thus fewer people clicking on guest post links which means articles might not always get accepted even if they’re high-quality and relevant.

Sites with a higher Alexa rank however usually have more traffic and hence more clicks on links which means you should definitely try to submit content for them but don’t be discouraged if your article gets denied because of this factor.

You can also check out similar sites or other sites in the same niche to ensure your blog posts get published more often.


Some websites do not allow guest posts so you should check out their guidelines before you submit content for them.

Remember these rules when choosing a site to guest post on:

 1) Check out the Alexa rank

 2) Find relevant, high-quality sites

3) Check out the site’s guidelines

 4) Do NOT spam